How to sell silver coins?

How to sell silver coins?

Silver coins are of particular value in the world of numismatics, so finding a buyer and to sell him a precious coin on a good price is not difficult. After a professional assessment, determining the approximate cost and familiarity with the terminology, you can contact special stores or find an interested person on the web.

Types of coins and their value

Coins made of precious metals have always attracted the attention of collectors by their numismatic value and artistic beauty. In the numismatic world there are volumetric catalogs of gold and silver coins of the world that contain complete information about each of the existing samples. With their help, you can determine the value of old coins and modern copies. Information will allow you to quickly find a buyer and profitably sell him a precious copy of silver.


Among the variety of silver coins, investment specimens are the most common. They are made in the mint in large quantities for those who want to make money on profitable investments coins made of precious metals. Valuable copies are easy to buy at any branch of the bank (for yourself or as a gift), and in 5-10 years to sell them and get a significant profit (up to 100% of the initial value).

Did you know? The silver coin of the USA – “Draped Bust” (sold for $ USD 10 million) is famous for its rarity, high value and prestige. It first appeared in 1794 and quickly became widespread in everyday life. The design was designed by Robert Scott. Silver content is about 89.2%, copper is 10.8%, weight is 1.35 g. In circulation there were approximately 86,425 coins with a denomination of ten cents, 323,144 pieces. half dollar and 162 053 samples of one dollar.

Distinctive features of investment coins are:

  • simple design (no complex relief pattern)
  • Uncirculated embossing quality
  • large circulation (coins minted on machines unlimited)
  • lack of historical value


Prices for investment coins of silver have steadily increased over the years – at the same time as the cost of the precious metal rises. They will be uninteresting to collectors, because they lack numismatic value.

Commemorative (Jubilee)

Modern collectible coins have been recognized by coin collectors due to the limited edition. The reason for the release are events (sports, round dates, birthdays of famous personalities, the end of the war). Also on the surface depict rare animals and birds, popular reliefs with animals of the Chinese horoscope.

The peculiarity of the jubilee coins is artistic value. All copies are minted as a Proof – a glossy surface and a complex embossed pattern. Thanks to this approach, the price of precious samples of silver is made up of artistic performance, rarity and value of the metal.

Did you know? According to the law of 1834 “On coinage of coins”, the ratio of the value of silver and gold coins changed and became 15: 1. Prior to this, starting in 1792 (from the moment when the first mint appeared in the USA), 16 silver coins were equal to the value of one gold coin. The story is connected with US President Andrew Jackson and his struggle against the Central Bank. The president was afraid that the Central Bank would use its power to exploit the country.

Popular silver commemorative coins:

  • Australian Dragon and Tiger, Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Koala and Bird of Paradise
  • Canadian “Bison” and “Wolf”
  • English “Trafalgar Square” and “Royal Dragon”


It is important to properly store coins of silver – separately from their own kind, due to which chemical exposure and deterioration are excluded. For these purposes, there are weak – special strong containers that preserve the value of coins. With proper storage, the most expensive and rare specimens a few years later will bring significant profits.


More and more collectors prefer coins made of precious metals, willingly buying silver samples from different eras. They are bought in order to enhance their education, show impeccable taste for art and enrich themselves in the future. The price of a precious sample consists of several parameters at once, therefore before selling it, it is necessary to evaluate the coin and find out its approximate value.

The price is formed from the following criteria:

  • metal and mass
  • circulation and year of issue
  • current status.


Silver coins of the same type and one year of release are different. The better the safety of the precious specimen, the higher its cost and demand. The price can be significantly reduced if mechanical damage is visible on the surface. You should not clean the coin yourself or, if necessary, use the right methods of cleaning at home.

Did you know? In 1904, the number of silver coins in the United States exceeded the required standard, so their production was stopped until 1921. From 1921 to 1928, and then from 1931 to 1934. The Mint began minting a legendary silver coin – Peace Dollar with a $ 1 nominal. In total, since 1922, 190 577 279 copies were minted. The largest number of silver coins (51,737,000 pieces) was minted in 1922, and the smallest number (only 360,649 pieces) in 1928.

Rare samples with marriage are valuable in their own way:

  • no stamp
  • identical pictures on the obverse and reverse
  • double blow
  • split or snag
  • non-reproved or worn stamp

To determine the value of silver coins with marriage will help only professionals who are familiar with the technological causes and features.

Where can I sell silver coins online?

Finding a place to sell a silver coin is easier if you know what type it belongs to and its approximate value. It is profitable to sell only memorable and ancient samples on the Internet. There are many sites where interested coin collectors are ready to buy a rare item at a fixed price. Forming value, you should take into account the condition of the coin, the degree of oxidation and the integrity of the pattern.

Did you know? Due to the increase in the cost of silver, people began to trade in silver coins, so the law was passed, due to which the silver content in the coin was reduced. In half the Kennedy dollar from 1965 to 1970, the amount of silver was reduced from 90% to 40%, and in 1971 the minting of silver coins ceased. Australia and the United Kingdom also changed the content of silver due to the Second World War.

The most profitable places to sell silver coins on the Internet:

  • The forum of coin collectors is the most profitable way to sell coins on the Web, since all the coin collectors of the world have access to the resource. First you need to register on the site and type a rating, and then create a topic about the sale and wait for interesting offers. This method is convenient for selling a large number of coins, since each transaction will increase the rating and confidence of collectors, and hence the cost of future lots.
  • Online auctions are a simple and convenient resource with the ability to set your own cost. For a successful sale will require a description of the coin (weight, condition, damage, circulation, as it fell into the hands). If you urgently need to sell a coin, you can set a “blitz-price.”
  • Bulletin boards – rare samples can be put up for sale, having described them in detail, or you can find a buyer in the “Buy” section. The deal on such sites is not always profitable and convenient, as there are many scammers.


On numismatic resources there is a free and convenient evaluation of coins online. Before you sell a coin, you can send a photo of it in several places to determine the value.

Where can I sell silver coins off the web?

Investment coins in excellent condition are accepted in banks. To do this, you need to take a passport and a silver copy, and then visit the bank, where they offer the most favorable conditions. The specialist will check the surface for defects (scratches, fingerprints, chips). If no damage is found, the coin will be bought at a high cost.

Rare and antique samples of silver profitable to sell:

  • to the numismatic club
  • private collector
  • through the auction house

If all organizations refuse to buy coins because of poor quality or offer a lower price, then you can contact the bank, pawn shop or antique shop. But damaged samples will be accepted at the price of scrap – the cost will be lower by 20-30%.


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