Free Coin Appraisal

Free online coin valuation

Gold and silver only

How to add a coin to the valuation?

  1. Click the "Add a photo of the coin";
  2. Make a photo of your coin or select a photo from the gallery;
  3. Select the metal of your coin;
  4. Look carefully at the Rules and if you agree, click on it;
  5. Provide your e-mail address for the valuation and your country;
  6. Click the "Continue";
  7. Enter the activation code that came to your e-mail;
  8. Congratulations! You have added an ad)

How can I see the result of the valuation?

Go to the page of your ad and click the button "Valuations". In a new window you will see users and prices.

If you want to sell your coin, select a user from the list that you are interested in the price, contact him and discuss the details of the meeting.

When meeting with strangers, read carefully the Rules

Important if you are not a registered user!

To view the results of ratings and opinions of users, as well as delete the announcement, you can only by clicking on the link that is sent to your email.

Users will not be able to contact you until you contact them.

Coin Appraisal Online

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Gold coin appraisal online

Trying to valuate the coin on your own, you risk ignoring the strengths of the numismatics object, or noticing some flaws that will make the results of your valuation useless. Only having the appropriate equipment, and the experience of assessing thousands of products and comparing their conformity with their valuation with the collector valuation of numismatists-professionals, make coin appraisal possible. It is easy enough to get started on your coin appraisal with the help of our services and get the following:

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