Modern gold and silver coins of Russia

Modern gold and silver coins of Russia

Modern gold and silver coins of Russia are commemorative and investment types of rubles, personifying historical events, traditions and culture of the country. Money made of precious metals are distinguished by their original design, high quality of coinage and interesting origin. Such purchase will provide an aesthetically appealing sample for the collection or will generate revenue over time.

Varieties of gold and silver coins of Russia

Modern Russian coins of precious metals − rubles minted at the Mints of St. Petersburg (SPMD) and Moscow (MMD). They have some differences − circulation, quality of embossing, design, weight.
Modern gold and silver coins are minted in two variants:
● investment − coins issued in a simple design in large quantities
● memorable − coins with a complex pattern and small circulation.

Did you know? In pre-revolutionary times, minted gold and silver coins that were used inside the country, served to exchange with other countries. For example, 5 rubles of 1897-1911 and 10 rubles of 1898–1911 were minted with impressive circulations − in 1901, 7,500,000 samples were produced. Some of these coins currently possess significant value.

Coins of gold and silver are minted in various qualities:
● Proof − a smooth surface and a complex matte relief, consisting of many details
● Proof like − recalls the quality of the Proof, but some details of the minting are not followed
● Uncirculated − the usual quality with a simple pattern and lack of contrast


Most modern rubles of gold and silver are minted in both variants, but the Uncirculated samples are released in large quantities, and the issue of Proof is usually limited to 10,000 samples.

Modern Russian coins of gold

In Russia, modern coins of precious metal emit the Central Bank of the country. Commemorative coins are produced in a small series on important events, therefore they have a numismatic value. Investment rubles are minted in large quantities from year to year. They are popular and do not have numismatic value, but their purchase will increase the money spent.

Did you know? The minting of the first investment coins in 1992 was due to the fact that at that time the Bank of Russia was formed. The Soviet Union collapsed a year earlier, and various changes in political, economic and public life began to occur in the country. The first investment coin minted from silver in 1995 was “Sabel”. The idea was to create a sample with a recognizable symbol of Russia, like kangaroo and koala on Australian investment coins, panda in China, bison and eagle in USA.

Modern Russian investment coins of gold:
● “Sower” − 10 rubles denomination
● St. George the Victorious − 50 rubles denomination

  • World Cup 2018 − 50 rubles denomination
    ● Signs of the zodiac − 25 rubles denomination
    ● River beaver − 50 and 100 rubles denomination
    ● History of money circulation in Russia − 100 rubles denomination
    ● XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi − 50 rubles denomination


In 2010, the rarest and heaviest modern coin was issued in Russia − 50,000 rubles. In 2011 was minted the “The Abolition of Serfdom” gold coin of 10,000 rubles denomination and a weight of 156.4 grams.

Rare modern coins of gold with increased denomination:
● The history of money circulation in Russia − 25,000 rubles denomination
● Bark Kruzenshtern − 1 000 rubles denomination
● Bark Sedov − 1 000 rubles denomination
● Kronstadt. Window to Europe − 1 000 rubles denomination
● The frigate “Peace” − 1 000 rubles denomination
● Flora. Sochi 2014 year. − 1 000 rubles denomination

Investment coins made of gold with a large denomination are considered to be the most expensive in modern Russia. Their cost varies from 1 to 15 million rubles (they have not only investment, but also collection value). Modern Russian commemorative rubles are being made of gold annually since 1992. The weight of gold in modern Russian coins plays a secondary role. Cost determines the numismatic value − artistic drawing, circulation, history of creation.


The most famous and major issue of coins − “Outstanding Personalities of Russia”. The first samples were minted in 1992. Issue continues every year. Topics include portraits of poets, writers, military, scholars and musicians. The first edition was devoted to well-known names like P. S. Nakhimov, Y. Kolas, Y. Kupala and N. I. Lobachevsky.

Did you know? The first commemorative coins appeared in Russia in XVIII century. They were tokens issued in honor of various events. By weight, they were equal to ducat. One of the famous commemorative samples is a gold coin minted on the occasion of the coronation of Emperor Peter II in 1728. Some Russian awards of the 18th century were minted according to the weight standard of the silver ruble. One of them was created in memory of the victory over the Prussian army during the Kunersdorf battle in 1759.

The following memorable series of gold coins of Russia are known:

● Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (2005 – present)
● Russian Ballet (1992-2006)
● Cities of Military Glory (2006-2011)
● Ancient cities of Russia (2002-2012, 2014, 2016-2018)
● Golden ring
● Art
● History of Russian aviation
● Red Book (1993-2016)
● The lunar calendar (2003-2013)
● International Relations
● Monuments of architecture of Russia (1993-2016)


Every year in Russia, small series of commemorative coins of gold are issued. These are “Science”, “Sport”, “Transport”, “Age of Enlightenment” or “History of Russian Aviation”. In total since 1992 until now, 34 series of commemorative coins were issued.

Modern Russian coins of silver

Silver commemorative and investment coins attract due to the limited edition and unique design. Nowadays, 32 series are known, issued by the Central Bank of Russia. The series is dedicated to the great events that have gone down in the history of the country, to great people, rare animals and sights. The very first modern coin was minted in 1992. The issue is dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the victory in the Ice Battle.

Did you know? Many engravers working on the design of medals at the same time create stamps for commemorative coins. In museums there are commemorative coins and medals of the XIX century of the same design. The only difference between them is the absence of denomination. But during the years of the reign of Nicholas II, the medals had a denomination.

The most famous series of modern Russian coins of silver:

● Outstanding personalities of the state

  •  Signs of the zodiac
  •  Lunar calendar
  •  Monuments of architecture
  • Symbols of Russia
  • Legends and tales of the peoples of Russia

The denomination of commemorative silver coins is 1, 2, 3 and 5 rubles, as well as 25, 50 and 100 rubles.


The most famous investment coin of Russia made of silver is “Sabel” of 3 rubles denomination − issued on March 5, 2001. Earlier (in 1994) “Sabel” was released as a Proof, so it was attributed to the commemorative coins of the country.


Modern investment coins are issued in large quantities:

  •  The Sower − 7 350 000 pcs 
  •  St. George the Victorious − 4,250,000 pcs 
  • Sable − 1 000 000 pieces
  •  Signs of the zodiac − 120 000 pcs. (10,000 for each character)
  •  River beaver − 12 000 pcs
    Other investment coins of Russia are issued in no more than 10,000 samples. Commemorative series are minted in a small amount − from 2,500 to 4,000 samples.


Coins of modern Russia made of gold and silver have a complex design, making it easy to understand how to recognize valuable items and identify a fake. Each issue has a sophisticated technique, so it is protected from fakes. Drawing on the stamp can not be repeated because of the large number of details and features. All modern coins are made of gold and silver 900/999 samples.
On the obverse of all modern coins made of precious metals, the Bank of Russia logo is represented − a double-headed eagle, framed in a circle of dots.

On the top of the semicircle there is figure and the inscription indicating denomination. The bottom part has the data on weight, metal, Mint, sample. Below there is the date of release of the product. The reverse has the pictures of outstanding people or symbols of Russia.

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