Trump Gold Coin

Trump Gold Coin

Donald Trump’s gold coin is a commercial copy minted in 2017 after the inauguration of the new president. Extraordinary precious metal samples fully reflect the election campaign of the future leader and an unforgettable 2016 race. The entrepreneur and media mogul became the 45th president of the United States of America, ahead of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.


The first presidential gold coins started to be minted in 2007. For the production of one-dollar samples used a special composition, which only resembled a precious metal. The series with portraits of American leaders is made of copper coated with manganese brass. Thanks to this combination, the coin received with a golden hue. During treatment, the coating quickly patched and completely lost its noble color.


The presidential series opened George Washington’s gold coin, completed Ronald Reagan’s gold coin. According to the US Mint Act, a portrait of only the president, whose death had passed at least 2 years, was to be on the surface of the collection sample. For this reason, the presidential series is missing one dollar with a portrait of Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, George W. Bush, as well as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The gold coin of Barack Obama minted from the precious metal in a separate series.

Did you know? Currently, it is prohibited to pay in the USA with coins of other states. But it was not always so. Foreign currency was used until 1857, since it was planned to mint its own coins of precious metal. As it turned out, there was not enough gold and silver in the country. The ban on foreign currency was canceled, but coins from other countries were accepted and melted down to mint US dollars. The ban on foreign coins was reintroduced when the mining of the precious metal in the country reached the desired level.

In 2016, Donald Trump won the 58th US election. The future president scored 306 electoral votes against 227 given for Hillary Clinton. By the votes, Clinton beat Trump by 2.6 million. Elections became the fifth in the political history of the United States, when the victory went to the candidate who received the smaller number of votes. The results are compared with the results of the election battle of Republican Mitt Romney and former US leader Barack Obama.


In early 2017, the inauguration of the new US President Donald Trump was held. The ceremony was attended by the family of the American leader, the political leadership of the country, as well as political rivals – the former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton with her husband Bill Clinton. The ceremony was attended by the 39th President Jimmy Carter and the 43rd President George W. Bush. This event was the occasion for the release of a commemorative coin with a portrait of the American leader.

Did you know? As soon as the United States gained independence from the British Empire, a law was passed in the country, according to which it was forbidden to mint portraits of living rulers on precious metal coins. The reason for such a law is the confrontation with monarchical traditions. In the UK for several centuries minted copies depicting a live monarch. Thus, in the USA, historical figures who have done a lot for their country have been honored. In the numismatic market, there is interest in the copper and the gold coin of Abraham Lincoln and a specimen with a portrait of McKinley.

In honor of the inauguration of the company ModernCoinMart (MRM) launched a minting of copies with a portrait of the president. Donald Trump’s gold coin turned out to be wider, thicker and heavier than the previous commemorative samples dedicated to the American presidents. Donald Trump’s coin production was in Liechtenstein (Coin Invest Trust) and Germany (BH Mayer Mint). A stamp and a tablet with obverse and reverse were developed in Germany.

In total, two types of coins were issued:

  • gold – 5,000 CFA francs
  • silver – 1,000 CFA francs


The production was issued by the Central Bank of Equatorial Guinea, therefore the face value of the coin was 5,000 CFA francs (in terms of dollars – $ USD 8.73, per euro – € 7.6). Unlike many so-called commemorative (commemorative) coins, which are commonly called medals, the presidential sample of Equatorial Guinea is legal tender. The coin contained one troy ounce and, unlike the American Double Eagle or Indian Head, its denomination did not coincide with the usual value of American investment and memorable copies.

Did you know? In 2007, the Mint issued a series of US coins “First Lady” with the wives of all the presidents of the country in chronological order. The obverse is decorated with a portrait of a companion, and the name of the spouse and the years of his reign are written next to it. If during the presidency the ruler of the White House did not have a wife, then instead of a female portrait on the front side there is a thematic image dedicated to the life of the president. In 2007, this version of a gold coin of Thomas Jefferson, in 2008 – Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren.


The most innovative and most unique commemorative coin for President Donald Trump minted in the highest quality – Proof. The design of the coin was designed to convey as much as possible the inauguration features and political interests of the American leader.

Characteristics of the 2017 Donald Trump Gold Coin


Metal: gold.

Sample: 999.

Weight: 31.104 grams (1 troy ounce).

Denomination: 5,000 CFA francs.

Diameter: 65 mm.

Thickness: 2 mm.

Edge: ribbed.

In the manufacture of Donald Trump’s gold coins, a special technology known as “Big Gold Minting” was used. It allows you to produce coins of large diameter, while maintaining barely visible details.

Did you know? Commemorative coin resembles a memorable pattern, but differs from it in that it does not require a round date, only an important event. The first commemorative coin in the USA appeared in 1848. The reason for its minting was the California Gold Rush. Citizens of the country wanted to receive a souvenir in honor of the event that adorned all newspaper headlines.

Obverse: On the front side there is a walking elephant – a famous symbol of the US Republican Party. Under it in the inner circle depicts the emblem of the issuing country – Equatorial Guinea. At the top of the semicircle is engraved the name of the country in Spanish – “REPUBLICA DE GUINEA ECUATORIAL”. In the lower part, also in a semicircle, the nominal value is “5000 FRANCOS CFA”.

Reverse: On the reverse side there is a portrait of Donald Trump against the background of a developing American flag, the president’s eyes are raised up. According to the cant of the gold coin, the inscription “45th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” is struck from left to right, below is “TRUMP 2017”. The inscriptions are separated by two asterisks.


Since Donald Trump’s gold coin is commercialized, its circulation is significantly limited. In 2017, only 500 copies came out, and a new chasing is not planned. Silver samples with identical design are also on sale. The circulation of silver coins was 5,000 pieces.

Cost of coins

The price of Donald Trump’s gold coin is higher than the denominationof the coin and the value of the precious metal contained in it. Currently in the numismatic market the price of one copy is $ USD 3,000. Each coin is packed in a special container with a certificate of authenticity.

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