Ukrainian gold coins

Ukrainian gold coins

Ukrainian gold coins began to be issued almost immediately after the monetary reform in 1996. All of them are commemorative coins that reflect important historical dates, events, natural resources and culture of Ukraine. First of all, the collectors-numismatists are interested in such coins. Nowadays, the only investment coins of Ukraine are the “Archangel Michael” series. 100 Hryvnias 1998 Ukrainian gold coin in our catalog.

Types of Ukrainian gold coins

2 hryvni denomination

  • “Archangel Michael” coin of 2012


Series “Signs of the Zodiac”

    • “Gemini” coin of 2006;
    • “Taurus” coin, of 2006;
    • “Aries” coin of 2006;
    • “Capricorn” coin of 2007;
    • “Aquarius” coin of 2007;


    • “Pisces” coin of 2007;
    • “Scorpio” coin of 2007;
    • “Sagittarius” coin of 2007;
    • “Virgo” coin of 2008;
    • “Libra” coin of 2008;
    • “Leo” coin of 2008;
    • “Cancer” coin of 2008


Series “The Smallest Golden Coin”

    • “Salamander” coin of 2003;
    • “Scythian Gold” coin of 2005;
    • “Hedgehog” coin of 2006;


    • “Turtle” coin of 2009;
    • “Scythian gold” coin of 2009;
    • “Bee” coin of 2010;
    • “Stork” coin of 2010;
    • “Chervona Kalyna” coin of 2010;


  • “Marmot” issue of 2011;
  • “Deer” coin of 2011;
  • “Malva” coin of 2012.

5 hryven denomination

  • “Archangel Michael” coin of 2011;


10 hryven denomination

  • “2000 Years of Christmas” coin of 1999-2000;
  • “Archangel Michael” coin of 2012.


20 hryven denomination

  • “Archangel Michael” coin of 2011.


50 hryven denomination

All 50 Hryvnias Ukrainian gold coins in our catalog.

  • “2000 Years of Christmas” coin of 1999-2000;
  • “Baptizing of Rus” coin of 2000;
  • “Nestor – the Chronicler” coin of 2006;
  • “Oranta” coin of 1997;
  • “Swallow’s Nest” coin of 2008;
  • “Ukrainian Ballet” coin of 2010

100 hryven denomination

    • “The Bosporan Kingdom” coin of 2010;
    • “Chersonesos Taurica” coin of 2009;
    • “20th Anniversary of Independence” coin of 2011;


    • “Kyiv Psalmbook” coin of 1997;
    • “St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral” coin of 1998;
    • “The Ostrog Bible” coin of 2007;
    • “Pectoral” coin of 2003;
    • “Kyiv-Pechersk Assumption Cathedral” coin of 1998;


  • “Aeneid” coin of 1998;
  • “Golden Gates” coin of 2004;
  • “1025th Anniversary of Christanization of Kyivan Rus” coin of 2013

125 hryven denomination


200 hryven denomination

  • “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” coin of 1997;
  • “Taras Shevchenko” coin of 1997


250 hryven denomination


500 hryvnen denomination

    • EURO 2012 coin of the 2012 issue;
    • “UEFA European Football Championship – 2012 Final Tournament” coin of 2011;


  • “Oranta” coin of 1997

Which Mint produces the coins?

The modern Mint of Ukraine was founded in 1991, and nowadays it is among the five most technologically equipped in the world. The commemorative coins of precious metals were launched in 1995, and the first commemorative and historical coins were made at the Mint of Austria in 1996.

The design of each coin was developed by famous Ukrainian artists and sculptors: Kharuk Alexander, Taran Volodymyr, Skoblikova Mariia, Kuzmin Alexander, Demyanenko Volodymyr, Ivanenko Sviatoslav, Tchaikovsky Roman and others. All Ukrainian gold coins in our catalog.

Circulation and value of coins

The circulation of gold coins as well as the circulation of Ukrainian silver coins is small. It affects the value of coins, which is several times higher than their denomination. The price is determined by the fineness of the coins and the quality of their coinage, as well as their belonging to a certain series.


The table shows the circulation and the cost of some Ukrainian gold coins:

Interesting Facts

  • Since the National Bank of Ukraine issued coins of precious metals in Ukraine, 45,789 pieces were sold in the amount of 105,780,000 hryven. Of these amount, during 10 months of 2013, gold coins with 2 hryvni denomination were sold for the amount of 53,210,000 hryvnen.
  • Over the entire period of minting from precious metals, the National Bank of Ukraine issued several gold coin series: “Signs of the Zodiac”, “Rebirth of Ukrainian Statehood”, “Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine”, “The Smalles Golden Coin”, “2000 Years of Christmas”, “Monuments of architecture of Ukraine”, “Antique monuments”, “Outstanding Personalities of Ukraine” and “Sport”.
  • 50, 125, 250 and 500 hryven denomination of the “Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine” series, which were produced in the period of 1997-2007, minted 999.9 samples of gold, and the remaining denominations of 900 samples.
  • Gold coins in denominations of 2 hryven of the “Smallest Gold Coin” series were issued in three variants of the coinage quality: proof, special uncirculated, special non-circulated.
  • The first coins, together with the first currency circulation, first appeared in the southern part of modern Ukraine in 7th – 6th centuries BC.
  • The value of collectible coins depends on their safety. The minor damage or scratches, reduce the cost of coins on 10-20%.
  • By the final of EURO 2012, the National Bank of Ukraine, with a small circulation of 500 pieces, issued a gold coin weighing 500 g. Its value on the market reaches $ 13,293.
  • Over the entire period of Ukraine’s Independence, the National Bank issued 50 types of various gold coins in denominations from 2 to 500 hryven and weights from 1.24 to 500 g.
  • The smallest circulation was at the 25 Years of Independence of Ukraine coin − 400 pieces, and the largest − 20,000 pieces of the “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” coin.
  • The largest number of gold coins was issued in 2007 − 8 types of coins with a circulation of 67,000 pieces.
  • After the events of 2014 in Ukraine, the issue of gold coins was temporarily suspended. The exception was the gold coin of “25 years of Ukrainian Independence “, which was issued in small editions in 2016.
  • In 2000, the National Bank of Ukraine issued a circulation of 12,000 bimetallic coins of 916 gold and 925 silver.
  • During the first years of operation, the Mint of Ukraine produced coins of trial type with a denomination of 1 kopiyok, which were called “shah”. For their production silver, nickel, brass, bronze and aluminum were used. These coins have caused an unprecedented interest among coin collectors who want to replenish their collections with the most rare pieces.


Denomination Year of issue Name Circulation (pcs.) Price ($ USD)
2 2003 “Salamander” 10000 88,30
2 2005 “Scythian Gold” 10000
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